Diving Equipment

Diving equipments are ideal for holding compressed breathing gas. These are gear and tools that divers need to maintain their safety. Diving equipments are a device or panel that concurrently displays three gauges or instruments.

Search Light

Search lights are gas-discharge lights that excite mercury vapour with electricity to create ultraviolet (UV) light. These are employed in a variety of settings, such as outdoor gatherings, performances, theatres, movie sets, and search and rescue activities.

Marine Accessories

Marine accessories are a timekeeping device that is accompanied by a box or case. They include chronometer with box, ship clock GMT and azimuth circle. Marine accessories are a very accurate and exact timepiece that measures time.

Marine Compass

Marine compasses are used by mariners as a navigational tool to ascertain their direction at sea. These have a magnetised needle that aligns with the magnetic field of the Earth. Marine compasses also support the safe and precise passage of ships.


SCBA sets made up of a number of parts that work together to safeguard the wearer and make breathing safe. These are usually suitable for firefighters, rescuers, and other professionals to deliver breathable air in dangerous locations where the air is contaminated or low in oxygen.

Fire Equipment

Fire equipments are ideal for firefighters and other workers working in hot setting. These are appreciated for protecting the workers from fire. Fire equipments are widely utilized when battling fires or in an industrial setting.

VHF Batteries

VHF batteries are the most recent of a long line of batteries with a similar design and steadily increasing capacity. These are used on board to power onboard electronics like the VHF radio. VHF batteries can be recharged by the boat's motor, generator etc.

Navigation Compass

Navigation compasses are used for recognizing the four cardinal directions i.e., north, south, east, and west by using a magnetic needle that aligns with the Earth's magnetic field. These are a straightforward and crucial instrument for identifying direction.

Industrial Anemometer

Industrial anemometers measure the wind or air velocity. These are a tool used to measure the direction and speed of airflow or wind in a variety of industrial applications. Industrial anemometers are considered as crucial in fields like HVAC systems.

Life Saving Jacket

Life saving jackets are particularly crucial for non-swimmers, kids, and anybody taking part in water sports like boating, kayaking, or fishing. These are a vital piece of safety gear used to keep people afloat and aid in water rescues.

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